What Matters When Building Your Web Business

When planning to launch or update your ecommerce site there are a lot of important factors to consider. Take, for example, website hosting. Is a shared server right for you? Or should you be forward thinking and start with a dedicated hosting solution right off the bat? Do you know what managed hosting can do for your business that website hosting can’t? These are all important discussions to be having with your potential web hosting partner.

Shared or Dedicated? Which is Right for Your Business?

Don’t tell your kindergarten teacher, but sharing isn’t always the right thing to do. A shared website hosting solution means that your website is sharing a server with other websites where as a dedicated hosting approach puts your website on its own server. Why is this important? When you share the server the amount of disk space and bandwidth that you have access to is limited because there are other businesses sharing it with you. If you have a spike in business and exceed your allocated amount you will typically be charged for that extra usage. This is called scalability. When you’re on a shared server your business has little room to scale up to your growing needs.

Another thing to consider when choosing between shared and dedicated is the cost. When you are on a shared server the operating costs are divided among all the users on that server; making it cheaper for your business. However, if you run into scalability issues you will have fees added onto your costs. Additionally, when your business reaches a point where it is too large for a shared server there are migration fees associated with starting on a shared server and moving to a dedicated solution. This is where it becomes increasing important for you to have growth conversations with your service provider before signing up for any website hosting service. Make sure your provider knows you intend on growing your business and key them in on how quickly you’re aiming for that growth. This will help them in recommending the best solution right off the get-go.

As with anything on the internet, security is very important with website hosting. When you are on a shared server, the hosting company installs firewalls and security programs. Having a dedicated server is in fact more secured compared to shared hosting because you are provided your own firewall. Therefore, the information stored in a dedicated server is less vulnerable to attacks by hackers or any malicious codes.

Hosted or Managed? How Do They Affect Your Success?

A common mistake that businesses make when choosing to expand their online business is to spend a lot of time on deciding which type of server is right for them and stopping there. Yes, it’s vital to be on the right server but if you don’t consider hosted vs. managed services you’re only fighting half the battle.

Hosted service providers simply provide space on a server for your website to sit. A web hosting service provides the necessary hardware, software and communications to run your site. But that’s it. A hosting service provider does little to keep the site up and functioning. That’s where managed services come into play. When you partner with a managed hosting company they provide proactive support, monitoring, and remediating intervention when things go wrong. Your business could lose a lot of money on a shared hosted platform if there is downtime, if every moment of uptime is worth many dollars to you. Alternatively, when your website is on a managed dedicated server, you have someone troubleshooting for you immediately so that you’re business doesn’t lose customers.

So How Do You Choose?

When business owners want to improve their businesses, stay competitive, and enhance traffic on their website, they must continually update their website. They can launch new products or services, publish new content like blogs, newsletters and client testimonials, or add enhanced functionality. Web hosting brings a lot of advantages and plays an important role in developing trustworthiness and protecting the integrity of the company. All this can help a business owner to attract more potential customers that ultimately results in great returns and revenue. But don’t let the wrong server choice or wrong services put you at a disadvantage to your competition. It your website delivers a good revenue stream to you or is mission critical to your business, take care to choose the right server and the right services.