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The last thing you want to do is be passive in seeking the highest level of security for your infrastructure. This is incredibly important for enterprise and global organizations, but these days, it is not to be back-burnered for any organization. Cyber-threats are only escalating each and every day, and the consequences of these infiltrations can be devastating on a business. And, unfortunately, no organization, no network, no website is immune.

Realizing that threats will come, a favorable outcome is highly dependent on the speed with which you become aware of the violation, the viable options available to you for response, and the response you take. Let HostLabs help you gain a deeper understanding of the security landscape, security options for your business, and then, work with us to develop a security implementation plan for your organization.

Other issues relating to your organization can stem from the regulatory environment, two major examples of which are PCI compliance requirements for financial institutions and HIPAA requirements for organizations that interact with or are Health Care providers. Recently the European Union executed the data protection and privacy-focused GDPR, which is expected to be replicated in the near-term future in the USA. HostLabs has the solutions that will give you the peace of mind and the assurance you need to operate around the world in current and anticipated regulatory environments.

security compliance
security compliance

Building Blocks of Success

  • Flexible Scalability
  • 24/7/365 US Support
  • Emergency Assistance
  • On-Demand Resources
  • Application-Based Expertise
  • Managed Applications
  • Top-Performance Servers
  • Constant Uptime
  • Rock Solid Security
  • Cost Effective

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Security Options for Your Organization

Security Tools

HostLabs offers some of the most highly acclaimed security tools available for your organization’s needs. From data protection tools to firewalls tools to DDoS protection, we offer a broad array of options. Our tools are robust and they can be customized to meet your unique needs, and they free your (overtaxed) team up to do their own jobs.

Managed Security

At some point, it may make sense for your organization to outsource the management of your security. From evaluations and assessments of vulnerabilities to threats, to security strategy development, to breach detection and remediation of pre-approved actions, we can help you close your threat windows and safeguard your company.

Compliance Support

If you are in an industry that is regulated, such as banking or health care, you would like to make sure that your websites, platforms and networks are in compliance. In fact, if you have a website that gathers data from prospects or customers, GDPR may necessitate upgraded compliance plans. Let HostLabs future-proof your compliance needs now.

Data Protection

If you have sensitive business or customer data that could potentially be exposed (which is just about every business these days), you need to have a data risk assessment and a plan for what data is stored where, how it is accessed and shared, and how it is destroyed when appropriate. Then we can help you monitor your exposure against your plan.

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