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Business Continuity & Global Failover

Protect your Online Image by hosting across multiple data centers.

In an environment where it is crucial to your business to stay online, deploying your application across multiple data centers will protect your business from outages. With Global DNS, failovers are automatic to secondary locations, and provide improved uptime.

  • Ensure Application Availability

    Having your Application setup in multiple data centers allows for your site and application to serve from a secondary location in the event that the primary location is rendered offline.

  • Automated Failover/Failback

    Based on rules and health checks setup for both primary and secondary locations, failover and failback processes can be completely automated.

  • Multi-Site SOA Configuration

    Even in the event of a total data center failure, the global DNS will still function based on multi-site SOA (State of Authority) nameservers.

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Building Blocks of Success

  • Flexible Scalability
  • 24/7/365 US Support
  • Emergency Assistance
  • On-Demand Resources
  • Application-Based Expertise
  • Managed Applications
  • Top-Performance Servers
  • Constant Uptime
  • Rock Solid Security
  • Cost Effective

Lean on HostLabs’ decades of experience.

Features of Business Continuity

Global Load Balancing

User experience suffers when organizations with distributed data centers are unable to allocate global traffic by routing the user to the best and closest data center based on specific business policies. Changing network and user conditions can overwhelm a data center during peak traffic times. Global Failover provides comprehensive, high-performance application management services that support evolving application requirements.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Global Failover checks the health of the entire infrastructure, eliminating single points of failure and routing traffic away from poorly performing sites. By collecting performance and availability metrics from data centers, ISP connections, servers, caches, and user content, Global Failover ensures high availability and adequate capacity prior to directing traffic to a site.

Application Health Monitoring

Today’s sophisticated applications require intelligent health checks to determine availability. Instead of relying on a single health check, Global Failover aggregates multiple monitors so you can check the application state at multiple levels. This results in highest availability, improved reliability, and the elimination of false positives to reduce management overhead. Global Failover provides pre-defined, out-of-the-box health monitoring support for more than 18 different applications. Global Failover performs targeted monitoring of these applications to accurately determine their health, reduce downtime, and improve user experience. It also allows you to group related objects so that if one application fails, other apps that depend on it will be marked out of service. This enables you to align and monitor application objects according to business logic and profitability, build scalable traffic distribution policies, and better manage application dependencies.

Disaster Recovery Planning

In addition to performing comprehensive site availability checks, you can define the conditions for shifting all traffic to a backup data center, failing over an entire site, or controlling only the affected applications.

HostLabs Case Study

County Minicipality

Disaster Recovery with Geographic diversity


People lead an ever more connected life, and they rely on services to be available when they need them.  If a site or service is unavailable, they expect that it will be restored quickly and with minimal loss of information.  The more critical the site or service, the less a prolonged service interruption is tolerated. 

Disaster Recovery with Geographic diversity, commonly referred to as ‘Global Failover’ provides a solution to recover quickly in the event of an outage at a primary facility.

County Municipality – Changing the IT Model

Like many other industries, municipalities are facing increased difficulties keeping ahead of a growing online presence and inter-office service requirements.  They are also faced with the increasing need to make sure these services stay online in the event of emergencies to be able to keep their residents informed of changing conditions.

Traditionally, this would require the hiring and training of additional staff to manage and monitor the data center, systems, and services provided, in addition to the capital costs of purchasing the hardware required.

Instead, this county municipality reached out to HostLabs to come up with a solution to the challenges they faced.

The requirements the county presented to us included:

  • Manage the infrastructure to run the county’s websites, applications and services
  • Internal services required a segmented network and private Network, connected to their locations via IPSEC VPN
  • Apply security patches to Infrastructure to maintain security and compliance needs.
  • Ability to add resources to existing infrastructure quickly and needs changed.
  • Allow their staff to focus on their existing duties.
  • DNS and IPSEC Based Failover between two geographically diverse locations.

Overview of the Solution Provided by Hostlabs

The first step for us was to establish what the County’s Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) were.  RTO is the time it takes for failover to occur, while RPO is the amount of data they could afford to lose between replications.

In this case, the County could afford upto 6 hours of data loss on most systems in a worst case scenario, with a select few that needed to be no more than 2 hours.  Based on our investigations, the systems that needed to have an RPO of 2 hours did not have a lot of changes written to disk, so replication was able to meet these requirements.

For public facing sites and services the RTO was 15 minutes, while some of the less crucial internal services could be allowed to have a more relaxed RTO of 4 hours.

We were able to achieve both RTO directives using Replicated DNS servers that checked for the status of services and changed the DNS when a set of criteria were met.  This allowed automation to occur in the event that a failure happened during a time when the County’s staff were not available.  Our automated system also sends alerts at the time of a failover event to ensure people are made aware when it happens.

Replication of Live Environment

To achieve the county’s goals, Hostlabs made use of virtualization technologies to segment servers into different groups that allowed us to meet the required RTO and RPO for the various systems they selected to host with Hostlabs in two different locations.

Utilizing VMs on hardware that were running on a hypervisor also allowed for the county to scale up resources as needed significantly quicker than they had in the past.

The use of a hypervisor also allowed the county’s IT staff to get a clearer look into the performance of each of their VMs with the use of our Cloud Management system, without having to dig too deeply into the system’s internals.

Since replication is managed by our Cloud Management system, and performed at the hypervisor level, it has minimal impact on the county’s running services, ensuring no performance penalty while replication is running.

Host Environment Breakdown

One of the county’s requirements was that they would be able to access internal services and sites only across the IPSEC VPN, keeping it protected from the public internet.  With the use of virtual private switches in the hypervisor, the VPN and private traffic was isolated from the public networks, limiting the potential attack surfaces available to people accessing from a public network.  With Hostlab’s consultation, we also only permitted access to the database servers directly to the IT Department and the servers that needed access.

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