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One thing about all businesses that is true today: your IT infrastructure is central to your business success. Yet every business, even those in the same industries, implement completely different solutions. At least the industry leaders do, particularly in ways that can either lead to competitive advantage or can poise you to pounce on opportunities that arise much faster than your primary competitors could. So how is it accomplished?

Basic requirements are architected into the infrastructure to start. Considerations such as security and compliance, regulatory requirements, business data collection, protection and preservation, and the sunsetting of antiquated solutions and structures are under continual evaluation. New technologies, configurations, solutions that are on the vista are evaluated and placed on timelines for maximum opportunity and stability, with the goal to remain on the cutting edge versus becoming battered on the bleeding edge. Who helps you with this, particularly developing your awareness of what might be helpful vs hurtful, likely to succeed vs creating unanticipated obstacles? If you are smart, you outsource some of this thinking to industry experts who can help you evaluate options, develop solutions, implement a winning plan, and optimize to maximum success. That’s HostLabs and we want to talk about how we can help.

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Building Blocks of Success

  • Flexible Scalability
  • 24/7/365 US Support
  • Emergency Assistance
  • On-Demand Resources
  • Application-Based Expertise
  • Managed Applications
  • Top-Performance Servers
  • Constant Uptime
  • Rock Solid Security
  • Cost Effective

Lean on HostLabs’ decades of experience.

Types of Services HostLabs Offers

Data Center Services

Ultimately, your global infrastructure has to enable agility and support stability, increase efficiencies and decrease operating costs. Transferring to your next-generation infrastructure must be in context of an ‘always open’ enterprise that must move seamlessly from past to present to the future.

Cloud Migration Planning

Wow, migrating to the cloud couldn’t be a bigger buzz phase. And yet doing it right is not as easy as people throwing around the term would have you think. Yet there are multiple cloud solutions from public, to private, to hybrid, to clustered. Getting this right can make you a hero for years to come, but conversely, getting it wrong can be very costly.

Business Continuity and Disaster Planning

Creating a resilient IT infrastructure, preparing for the worst, planning for the best, and creating answers for major disruptive events are what HostLabs plans deliver. Our fully architected solutions have real-time mission-critical failovers, solutions that allow for a quick recovery or back-up-based recoveries for other non-critical needs.

ERP & Enterprise Planning

Central to your enterprise, some applications must be selected, planned for, customized, implemented and managed to attain a specific set of corporate objectives. HostLabs has the capabilities, resources and expertise that can help you effectively and proactively get what you need from your ERP systems, existing or in planning.

Business Scaling Planning

Some digital businesses must plan for best-case scenarios that include chaotic, viral-demand that may be seasonal or event-based, and at those times, definitely not choke. Other growth businesses must also plan, but have a more methodical scaling opportunity to automate tasks, reduce operating costs and improve user experience.

Productivity Apps & Email

Productivity application and email are essential to virtually every company today. Not complex, but definitely critical to business success. To complete the full array of service and software offerings for your business, HostLabs offers business grade email and productivity apps to meet your organization’s needs.

IT Infrastructure Plans

IT infrastructures are more complex than ever, expected to grow more so in the future, definitely mission-critical to the modern business that wants to remain viable or – better yet – step over competitors. Achieving success is no small task for C-level executives effecting these changes, and who need insight and expertise to build your bullet-proof plan.

Websites, Portals, Intranets

Still central to employees and customers, the quality of your website, internal- or external-facing portals, and employee-supporting intranets will have a huge and possibly deciding impact on your business success. Don’t leave the development or implementation of these projects in the hands of the inexperienced; instead lean on HostLabs’ decades of experience.

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