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Unless you are a young business, your technology stack today is probably antiquated in some areas. Furthermore, you probably have a roadmap for changes and improvements, and you no doubt wonder about the infrastructure needs of new applications of just a few short years from now. One thing is clear to you, however, and that is the pace of digital change is not going to slow down. So you are in the situation of having to shore up your existing infrastructure and at the same time, build a ‘future application-ready environment’ that is flexible, scalable and agile so as to meet the as-of-yet unknown needs of your future organization. Congratulations to you on your foresight! But now what?

HostLabs is here to help you build a foundational infrastructure that can meet your future needs, so that you can flexibly move in new directions, and you will not be hampered by inappropriately hardened environments. You will still be able to capture the first-mover advantage you seek for your business units in the implementation of new business applications and solutions. Our Professional Services group can help you build the right plan, execute, implement and deploy, manage and optimize, leaving you the time to continue scouting for the next great opportunity on your organization’s horizon.

application management
application management

Building Blocks of Success

  • Flexible Scalability
  • 24/7/365 US Support
  • Emergency Assistance
  • On-Demand Resources
  • Application-Based Expertise
  • Managed Applications
  • Top-Performance Servers
  • Constant Uptime
  • Rock Solid Security
  • Cost Effective

Lean on HostLabs’ decades of experience.

Types of Applications Implemented & Managed


CRMs and MAPs – done right – can create a huge differentiation for B2B and considered-purchase B2C companies. Success is based on a solid business process analysis, followed by experienced guidance for identification, selection, implementation, customization, optimization and ongoing maintenance.

 Data & Databases

With our extensive experience in database development and management, let HostLabs lead you through design, architecting of solutions, set-up, administration, optimization, monitoring and maintenance. Our solutions are professionally developed, highly secure and can be managed at the level geared to your individual requirements.

Business Intelligence / Data Warehouses & Lakes

Data are plentiful, fortunately and – currently for many – unfortunately. Yet, there is a huge advantage to be gained by those who can tame the data beast so that insights can be mined and acted on. Implementing the right platforms and tools for your organization, combined with professional services that yield a successful outcome, is now available to you.

ERP & Enterprise Planning

Central to your enterprise, some applications must be selected, planned for, customized, implemented and managed to attain a specific set of corporate objectives. HostLabs has the capabilities, resources and expertise that can help you effectively and proactively get what you need from your ERP systems, existing or in planning.


If your customers and their digital experiences on your websites are essential to your success, let us help you boost your performance to the next level. You are managing for two high-change variables: expectations of customers that come from UX of hyper-successful sites like Amazon, and rapidly changing technologies that can deepen user experience.

Productivity Apps & Email

Productivity application and email are essential to virtually every company today. Not complex, but definitely critical to business success. To complete the full array of service and software offerings for your business, HostLabs offers business grade email and productivity apps to meet your organization’s needs.

SaaS & Digital Platforms

Many of the business units in your organization are implementing technology stacks that are siloed and shallowly implemented. Let us help you turn that around by improving your implementations and then by building a digital data map that identifies and ties together key marketing, sales and business data into a cohesive and usable whole.

Websites, Portals, Intranets

Still central to employees and customers, the quality of your website, internal- or external-facing portals, and employee-supporting intranets will have a huge and possibly deciding impact on your business success. Don’t leave the development or implementation of these projects in the hands of the inexperienced; instead lean on HostLabs’ decades of experience.


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