Managed Backups


Managed Back-Ups

HostLabs Is Vigilant So You Can Rest Easy

HostLabs is always on alert for any threat or anomaly, but when it comes to your data, we expect the unexpected. R1Soft managed backups is a full-service disaster recovery fallback solution. Never keep all your eggs in one basket, so why would you keep all your data on one server? R1Soft is run on a separate server that doesn’t bog down speeds and keeps your information safe, always. 

We utilize continuous data protection technology to back up at the block level, not the file level. This allows us to shorten backup windows and reduce disk I/O compared to file-based full backups.

R1Soft Managed Back-Ups

R1Soft Managed Backups is a full-service, disaster recovery solution. If your backups are being stored on your server, they can be useless if anything adverse happens to your account or server, not to mention the valuable space that could be allocated to other applications. R1Soft is run on a separate server and therefore does not bog down your server.

R1soft Technology & Pricing

R1Soft utilizes Continuous Data Protection technology to back up at the block level instead of the file level. This feature shortens backup windows and reduces disk I/O compared to file-based full and incremental backups.

R1Soft is loaded with features that we employ to keep your content safe and secure. With 5 restoration points to choose from, you can be sure to restore the proper version of your site. If you need to restore from a backup, a simple phone call to our technical support department can have you back up and running quickly.

Benefits include:
  • Bare-Metal Disaster Recovery: Restore servers directly from disk-based, block-level backups
  • High Performance: Sector-based backups increase throughput and reduce overhead
  • Small Backup Windows: Only changed disk sectors are copied between backups
  • Data Integrity: During backup and restore, data is verified using MD5 checksums
  • Automatic: Save time and money, as backups are generated automatically and continuously
  • 24 Hour Support: At the time you need help with data recovery, technicians are available around the clock

R1soft Pricing

Disk SpaceMonthly CostPrice Per GB
50 GB$34.95$0.70
100 GB$59.95$0.60
250 GB$124.95$0.50
500 GB$174.95$0.35
1000 GB$249.95$0.25

R1Soft may be added to any Dedicated or Scalable Cloud Hosting Plan. Protect your data today! Make sure you and your organization have a true data recovery solution. Order Through Your Account Page

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