Dedicated Server Basics: Different Types of Servers

If you’ve done any recent searches on web hosting, you’ll see that cloud hosting is all the rage. Cloud computing services are growing at staggering rates and a recent report by Gartner projects the cloud market will reach 206 billion in 2019.

However, if your business mandates the ultimate in performance, security and value, a dedicated server is still the best option for many enterprise-level companies or businesses that demand high server capacity.

In this introduction to dedicated servers, we will talk about what a dedicated server has to offer, and the different types of dedicated options.

HostLabs specializes in high-powered, high-performance dedicated servers that run Linux or Windows operating systems to meet your specific needs.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting is a popular hosting solution where businesses traditionally lease a server. The server is dedicated to a single organization and provides the company control and the ability to customize as needed.

Dedicated web hosting offers you the resources and capabilities of an entire server, not shared with anyone else.

This is in contrast to shared hosting solutions, where an organization has to share space on a server with multiple websites, thus sharing the server’s resources.

Different Types of Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers offer the ultimate in performance and reliability and there are two options, unmanaged and managed dedicated servers. Let’s discuss both.

Unmanaged Dedicated Server

With an unmanaged server, the hosting provider will set up the hardware and install the operating system, but the client will take care of server maintenance, security in the installation of other software.

In this situation, the client has ultimate control over the server, but a knowledgeable team or server admin is necessary to install updates and manage the day-to-day.

An unmanaged server is less expensive than a managed dedicated server upfront, however, a company would have to factor in the cost of the server admin or team to fairly compare the services.

Managed Dedicated Server

Managing a server in-house can be complex and will require technical expertise. The cost of employing somebody to oversee the implementation, or having to supervise the process yourself, can be time-consuming and confusing.

The solution is to allow a company like HostLabs, and our IT experts to manage and support your server operations so you can focus on growing business.

When you choose HostLabs, we’ll manage and secure your data. And also take care of the essentials such as monitoring, backups, load balancing, managed security, system administration tasks such as upgrades, scripts, open software, routine maintenance.

Managed hosting is for companies who want and need the ultimate in performance, but don’t have the IT expertise or the want to manage the server in-house.

Extraordinary Levels of Performance

Dedicated servers are tried and true. Your Dedicated hosting is more reliable and secure than any other hosting plan.

Dedicated hosting is not right for every business. In some cases, a scalable VPS cloud may be a better option.  You can read our Cloud Hosting Guide to learn more about cloud computing and how cloud hosting stacks up against dedicated hosting.

Dedicated hosting can provide excellent performance for companies that demand high server capacity, control and excellent security.  While dedicated servers are more expensive than shared or VPS hosting, for companies who need the resources, dedicated hosting is the best value for the money.  The most reliable and secure path.

Whether you need a managed or an unmanaged server, check out our dedicated hosting solutions for more information and pricing.

HostLabs offers hosting plans that give businesses the solutions they need to expand their operations and increase their online authority.